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... =D;

Hum. Hi! Been a while I know. I have no excuse. Well, one of my computers did fall into a coma for several weeks, and my job kind of makes the holidays exhausting, but I guess I could have found time here and there to update this thing, or check entries. Fail Keri is fail. And I'll be working hard throughout May, so I might not have time to be online much either until I find myself a place closer to the city so I don't need to waste so much time in public transport everyday. <.< Sorry guys I still love you ;_;

So. Stuff.

- I'm going to see that How to train your dragon movie next Sunday, finally~ (enfin c'est toujours prévu, hein? Hein? Hein?), and went to see Alice in Wonderland some time ago. Loved it.

- My brother did an oil painting of my cat for my birthday, which is awesome. ♥ My other brother got me flowers, which is also awesome if you know the guy. <3

- I got the Chuck first season DVD box off Amazon for a grand total of 5,76€ shipping included. 8)

- I also finally got to see that last Code Geass Picture Drama, and BAWed. ;_; ♥ Until Youtube comments and LOLipopo that is. The lulz, they were had.

- Moi j'aimais bien Kutner.

- Caught a glimpse of the new show at the Puy du Fou, and it looks great! ♥ They kept the revolving castle and got this huge wall in front of it. Must. Go. See.

- Et sinon j'ai plein de connerie de paperasse à faire, trocool. J'ai super hâte je m'en pisse dessus.

On a much sadder note...Spike has disappeared. ;_; She hasn't been home for days. Considering her old age and habits, I can only hope she simply...fell asleep under a tree somewhere she liked and that was it. Unless of course she's simply having fun somewhere and will be back before we know it, unpredictable as always? ;_; If'll be missed, minette. ♥

[EDIT] OH MY GOD SHE'S BACK AQSDFGHJKKL She's awfully thin and dirty but SHE'S BACK AND FINE

That's it for now. Hope you're all super fine! <3 Wifey, in case you're reading this (is anyone? xD;) I love you. ♥ IN JAPANESE AND CAPSLOCK, AS YOU WELL KNOW.

Les autres aussi je vous aime trop. Bisouilles ♥
lululol =D

Ce soir, dans La Culture est notre amie

Les Allemands, quand ils sont vieux, ils collectionnent les opercules des petits échantillons de lait pour le café de par le monde entier tout autour de leur maison de retraite. Après ils les mettent dans des classeurs et ils se la pètent devant les autres vieux.

Merci Arte.


Purée les filles je suis bien contente d'être allée avec vous au Puy du Fou au dernier moment, parce que j'ai bien l'impression que c'était la dernière année de la bataille du donjon... :( Ouin Isabeau...Isabeau...Isabeau...Isa-*ETC* xD

Allez hop je retourne scanner les cartons de photos de famille...=D
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I forgive you!


i'm done with my final exams and report thing aqsdfghjk

See ya, touristic high season of insanity. I'll miss you.

Not <3

(Hiya i'm back 8D)